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S&L Roofing is committed to providing exceptional quality roof inspection, maintenance, and repair services to our valued clients, and also educating them about why these services are needed. Below, we provide answers to some common residential roofing system concerns.

Why is my roof leaking?

Each type of residential roofing system develops leaks for different reasons. But in general, leaks typically develop due to damaged, missing, or loose shingles, shakes, and tiles. Poor roof drainage due to excessive debris buildup contributes to the problem, as does the presence of insufficient, improperly installed, or damaged roof flashing in roof transition areas and at points of roof penetration. And on flat roofs, damage to the cap sheet or gravel layer is typically the culprit.

Why is choosing the right roof repair company so important?

Substandard roofers try to "cut corners" by not performing roof repairs correctly, such as by skimping on areas where proper roof flashing is paramount. Often, these roof repairs fail over time and must be redone, or even worse, are so poorly done that they lead to the development of additional roof problems.

Why is preventive roof maintenance so important to the long term functionality of residential roofing systems?

During routine maintenance services, small roofing issues can be identified and resolved before they develop into larger roof problems. Missing, damaged, or loose shingles, shakes, and tiles can be repaired or replaced; drainage issues can be addressed; damaged or improperly installed flashing can be repaired or replaced; and bubbling or blistering on flat roofs can be repaired.

Why is periodic roof and rain gutter cleaning so important?

Excessive debris buildup can lead to water ponding on the roof, compounding any roof drainage problems which already exist, and encouraging the development of roof leaks if not corrected.

How do I know if my home's roof can be repaired, or whether I need complete roof replacement?

When roof weathering and damage is serious, only a thorough roof inspection performed by an experienced roofing professional can determine if roof repairs will be enough to resolve the roof's problems, or whether it is time to install a new roofing system.

No Job Too Small


We had a bad wind storm that blew a tile off and dislodged several others over the New Year's weekend. I located S&L in Yelp and based on Leo's reviews I called him. He sent out a worker that arrived on time and examined the damage. The worker gave the information to Leo and within 10 minutes Leo called back with the quote and set up the appointment for that Sunday. Leo arrived with his worker on time and repaired our roof better than it probably was when it was first installed. Here is what sets Leo apart. We have a playground with a clubhouse made out of wood in our yard. Two of the wood planks had come off the roof and were hanging. Leo without being asked saw those and climbed up and fixed them. I could see that Leo takes pride in his work and he made our two boys happy by fixing their club house. I would use Leo again for our roofing needs.

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