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No Job Too Small

At S&L Roofing, we believe that preventative inspection and maintenance services are the best method of avoiding the need for major roof repairs and complete roof replacement. Our mission as a roof repair company is to keep our clients' roofs looking and functioning optimally for as long as possible. We offer affordable, comprehensive home roof inspections, during which we carefully assess the roof's condition, to determine if any maintenance or repair services are needed. Then, we offer a free estimate on these services, and include the fee for our affordable roof inspection service in the price of our roof maintenance and repair service.

Thorough Residential Roof Inspection in Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente, Laguna Beach, and Nearby Cities

The performance of a thorough roof inspection is the only means of accurately evaluating the current state of health of residential roofing systems, and of determining which maintenance and repair services are needed, if any, to ensure proper roof function over the long term. At S&L Roofing, during our thorough roof inspections, we check for missing or cracked shingles or shakes; damaged mortar and tile slippage on tile roofs; and blistering or exposed paper on cap sheet or gravel flat roofs. In general, we concentrate our inspection efforts on typical roof problem areas, such as those near skylights, solo tubes, plumbing vents, kitchen exhaust vents, b-vents from water heaters and furnaces, chimneys, air vents, roof transitions such as parapet wall transitions and roof to wall transitions, roof drains, roof scuppers, crickets, and valleys. During our inspection, we assess the integrity of the roof's ridge cap, and evaluate the condition of the roof's sheathing and paper underlayment. We determine if there is any termite or dry rot damage, and look for excessive debris buildup. And only then, after completing this in-depth inspection procedure, do we determine if roof maintenance or repair services are necessary.

Call us today, and depend upon the roofing inspection, maintenance, and repair specialists at S&L Roofing to keep your home's roof in the best condition possible, at very competitive rates. We provide our affordable roof inspections to all of South Orange County, and offer free onsite maintenance and repair estimates throughout our service area.

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I called him on Saturday and he was there in less than 30 minuts; he gave me best estimated price. Since my community does not allow any workers on Sundays; he was at work right on time early Monday. The job was done with 2 years warranty(normally one year is suggested) and he will give a release of liability to home owners or agents.

I called other roofing companies and either did not respond or there was an answering machine and if there was a respond can not come on same day notice.

I will suggest him to all my clients too. He takes his job seriously.

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  • Roof Repair Specialists Before: This is a roof repair in Lake Forest, CA. Our roof repair specialists inspected the tile roof and pinpointed the location of the leak at the chimney. After a thorough inspection we found the cause of the leak was due to the roof's flashing (the material that weatherproofs the roof) around the chimney was blocked by dirt and debris allowing rainwater runoff to get under the tiles, and destroyed the underlayment (felt paper) under the tiles.
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