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S&L Roofing: Laguna Hills's Most Trusted Roof Repair Specialists

No Job Too Small

S&L Roofing is South Orange County's preferred home roof maintenance and repair company. With over 25 years of experience in the residential roofing industry, S&L Roofing has the expertise required to resolve all types of issues which may arise with Laguna Hills wood, tile, composition, metal, and flat roof roofing systems. During our years in business, we have provided our affordable roof maintenance and repair services for countless numbers of homeowners throughout our South Orange County service area, who have relied upon us repeatedly to keep their roofs functioning optimally.

At S&L Roofing, we believe that preventative inspection and maintenance services are the best method of avoiding the need for major roof repairs and complete roof replacement. Our mission as a roof repair company is to enable our Laguna Hills clients' roofs to last as long as possible. And towards this end, we offer affordable, comprehensive home roof inspections, during which we carefully assess the roof's condition, to determine if any maintenance or repair services are needed. Then we offer a free estimate on these services, and include the fee for our affordable inspection service in the price of our free maintenance and repair estimate.

Contact the roof maintenance and repair specialists at S&L Roofing today, for precision roof repairs at unbeatable prices. We service Laguna Hills and all of South Orange County, and provide free onsite repair estimates throughout our service area.

Laguna Hills, California's Source for Home Roof Repairs

Many Laguna Hills residential roof system problems can be traced to problems with roof flashing. During roof installations and repairs, many roofers try to "cut corners" by installing insufficient flashing at key flashing areas such as roof to wall transitions, roof to parapet transitions, intersecting roof pitches, and Dutch gable transitions. And often, this insufficient flashing results in roof problems. Roof leaks form in these areas over time, leading to interior damage in these homes, and the development of dry rot and mold in the roof. Roof repairs are necessary to correct these problems, which never would have occurred if the roof had been installed properly in the first place. If you are experiencing roof leaks in your home roofing system, depend upon the experienced roofing professionals at S&L Roofing to repair your roof in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible, always keeping the long-term health and performance of your roofing system in mind.

Laguna Hills, California's Residential Roofing System Services Company

At S&L Roofing we have over 25 years of experience performing maintenance and repair services on all types of roofing systems in Laguna Hills , including:

  • clay and cement tile roofs.
  • wood and composition shingle roofs.
  • metal tile, standing seam, and stone coated metal steel roofs.
  • gravel and cap sheet flat roofs.

All types of Laguna Hills roofing systems tend to deteriorate over time, but the length of time this deterioration takes varies depending upon the particular roofing material and the weather conditions to which the roof is exposed. Organic roofing materials, such as wood shake, tend to weather more quickly than inorganic materials, such as cement shake, and some roofing materials are more susceptible to breakdown due to air quality issues such as salt-laden coastal air or air pollution than other roofing materials are. And the failure to identify and mitigate minor deterioration problems is often the greatest cause of premature roof problems.

Laguna Hills, California's Choice for Home Roof Tune-Ups

Our thorough Roof Tune-Ups are designed to keep Laguna Hills residential roofs in good condition, and alleviate any roof issues we identify before they have the opportunity to develop into major problems. During the course of our Roof Tune-Ups, we assess key components of the roofing system and perform repairs as needed. We check for damaged or missing shingles, shakes, and tiles, and replace them as necessary. We evaluate the integrity of the ridge cap and repair it if necessary. We check for damage and bubbling on flat roof systems, and we assess the condition and efficiency of roof flashing, roof drains, and roof rain gutters. We clean the roof of excessive debris buildup, and check the fascia boards and any exposed sheathing for termite damage and dry rot. Then, we are able to recommend any larger roof maintenance or repair services that are needed to ensure roof functionality over the long term.

Laguna Hills, California's Roof Inspection Experts

During our comprehensive roof inspections, we thoroughly evaluate all important aspects of Laguna Hills roofs, and determine areas of roof weakness where future issues may arise. During our inspections, we:

Then, we recommend our affordable roof maintenance, cleaning, and repair services as necessary, always keeping the long-term health of your Laguna Hills's roof foremost in mind. At S&L Roofing, our goal as a roofing company is to help your home's roof last as long as it can, to avoid costly roof replacement for as long as possible. Call us today to schedule an affordable roof inspection service. We service all of South Orange County, and will include the fee for our roof inspection in the free roof repair estimate we provide after the inspection, if any roof repairs are needed.

Contact Laguna Hills's Residential Roof Maintenance & Repair Specialists Today

At S&L Roofing, we believe that the performance of routine roof maintenance services is the best way to identify and resolve residential roof issues in Laguna Hills before they lead to larger, more costly problems. Rely upon the roof maintenance and repair specialists at S&L Roofing to keep your roof functioning well throughout the year. Call us today.

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I needed a few cracked roof tiles replaced. Leo was able to come out quickly and gave me an outstanding - in a good way! - estimate. S&L was responsive, efficient, and great to work with. They really made it easy, and isn't that what you look for!

I would easily recommend them.

Joe K.
Irvine, CA
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