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S&L Roofing: Aliso Viejo's Roof Maintenance & Repair Professionals

No Job Too Small

At S&L Roofing, we specialize in residential roof inspection, maintenance, and repair, and have decades of experience performing these services on all types of home roofing systems in Aliso Viejo and throughout South Orange County. Over the years, we have provided our exceptional quality, affordably priced roofing services to 1000's of satisfied homeowners throughout our service area, and possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to resolve any and all home roof maintenance and repair issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

At S&L Roofing, we perform all of our competitively priced roof maintenance and repair services with the long-term health and functionality of your Aliso Viejo home's roof foremost in mind. No repair job is too small for our skilled and experienced roofing professionals, and we pride ourselves on getting to the source of your roof's problems, and then resolving these issues in the most effective and affordable method possible. We carefully match our roof repairs to the roof's existing roofing material, and precision-install all roof repairs to blend perfectly with the roof's existing design layout.

Call us today, and depend upon the roofing inspection, maintenance, and repair specialists at S&L Roofing to keep your Aliso Viejo home's roof in the best condition possible, at very competitive rates. We provide our affordable roof inspections to all of South Orange County, and offer free onsite maintenance and repair estimates throughout our service area.

Home Roof Repairs, Serving Homeowners in Aliso Viejo

At S&L Roofing, we perform exceptional quality roof repairs on all types of Aliso Viejo residential roofing systems. We can correct:

  • Roof leaks
  • Wind and weather damage.
  • Roof deterioration.
  • Termite and dry rot damage.
  • Roof drainage problems.

and provide these repair services on Aliso Viejo clay and cement tile roofs, wood shingle and shake roofs, gravel and cap sheet flat roofs, cement shake roofs, and metal tile and standing seam roof systems.

Rough, windy weather conditions can cause damage to Aliso Viejo roofs, resulting in loose or missing shingles or shakes, and cracked tiles. At S&L Roofing, we can repair weather damaged roofs, and enable them to withstand the next windstorm without suffering damage.

Moderate to high wind weather conditions create a partial vacuum as these winds blow over Aliso Viejo roof surfaces, and this low-pressure air seeks to neutralize itself by drawing high pressure air outward from the interior of the home. The process of this interior air pushing up on the underside of the roof assembly causes the roof fasteners to loosen over time, weakening the roof's adhesion to the roof deck surface and making the roof susceptible to damage during windy weather. To counteract this wind-uplift effect, the roofing materials must be securely fastened to the roof deck, and need to include a securely fastened perimeter detail.

Home Roof Tune-Ups, Serving Homeowners in Aliso Viejo

At S&L Roofing, we believe that observing a schedule of routine maintenance is extremely important to keep your Aliso Viejo home's roofing system functioning well, while neglecting to perform proper periodic roof maintenance can lead to roof problems and the need for major roof repairs down the road. Don't wait until troublesome roof issues arise, call S&L Roofing to schedule an affordable Roof Tune-Up. During our Roof Tune-Up service, we will:

Then, we will give our professional recommendation for any other roof repairs which may be needed to promote your Aliso Viejo home's roof function and health over the long term, and provide a free written estimate on these repairs.

Roof Drainage System Problems in Aliso Viejo Residential Roofs

A roof's drainage system is key to the roof's performance over time, and a poorly functioning drainage system can lead to significant problems in Aliso Viejo roofs. A good roof drainage system removes water from the roof's surface quickly and efficiently, and prevents water ponding. A roof's drainage system is made up of drain openings and scuppers, gutters, and leaders, which facilitate the water's removal from the roof. Even flat roofs have drainage systems, and are typically slightly sloped to promote roof drainage.

Many roof issues that arise are caused by poor roof drainage. Often roof drainage systems are badly designed, or are installed incorrectly. For example, some Aliso Viejo roofs have too few drains, or the drains are not located in the correct areas. Also, sometimes there are no overflow scuppers installed at roof parapet walls, and defects like loose or missing drain clamping rings.

Residential Roof Inspections, Serving Homeowners in Aliso Viejo

At S&L Roofing, our affordable roof inspections can prevent troublesome roof issues from arising in your Aliso Viejo roofing system. We perform our roof inspections on all types of residential roofing systems. And because we are certain that a thorough roof inspection is the best way to diagnose any potential roof problems, so that they can be resolved before they have the opportunity to develop, during the course of our roof inspections, we:

Following our roof inspection, we can then recommend the necessary maintenance and repair services to keep your Aliso Viejo roof functioning well, and provide a free written estimate on these services, including our affordable roof inspection fee in the price of these services. Call us today, to schedule a home roof inspection.

Call Aliso Viejo's Reliable Roof Repair Specialists Today

Contact Aliso Viejo's trusted roof maintenance and repair specialists today. Don't wait until troublesome roof issues become a problem: Be proactive, and prevent roof problems from developing in the first place. S&L Roofing provides affordable, exceptional quality roof maintenance and repair services to all of South Orange County.

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Leo was prompt to return my call and was available sooner to gave the true estimate to just fix what is necessary, so it was very reasonable in fact almost half of the estimates from other roofers. His crew showed up on the day of appointment at planned time and finished work as estimated. . .

Mirmehdi H.
Aliso Viejo, CA
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