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Wind Damage - Rain Damage - Old Roofs - Tile - Shingle - Shake Replacement - Rain Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

S&L Roofing: Trusted Provider of Roof Maintenance & Repair Services to Corona del Mar

No Job Too Small

S&L Roofing performs expert roof maintenance, inspection, and repair services on all types of residential roofs in South Orange County. Our affordable preventative maintenance services are an excellent way to prolong the life of your Corona del Mar home's existing shake, shingle, tile, metal, or flat roof, and prevent the development of troublesome roof problems such as leaks, dry rot, termite damage, and storm damage. Roof leaks and weather damage can lead to the need for costly roof repair and even roof replacement, as well as the need for interior home repairs - due to the water damage these leaks can cause within the home. Rely upon the experienced roofing specialists at S&L Roofing to design a maintenance plan which will keep your home's roof functioning properly, and which will prevent costly roof repair expenses down the road.

Depend upon S&L Roofing. We have been serving the South Orange County area for over 25 years, during which time we have successfully resolved every residential roof issue imaginable on all types of home roofing systems, including: wood and composition shingle roofs, wood and cement shake roofs, clay and cement tile roofs, metal tile and standing seam roofs, and gravel and cap sheet flat roofs. Because of our extensive experience in the roofing industry, we have the knowledge and expertise required to promptly diagnose and remediate any home roof issues which may arise in Corona del Mar residential roofing systems, and the capability to do so in the most cost effective manner possible for our valued clients.

Call the affordable experts at S&L Roofing today. We provide our exceptional quality roof maintenance and repair services to homeowners in Corona del Mar and throughout South Orange County, and provide free onsite repair estimates.

Affordable Repair Services for Corona del Mar Roof Systems

At S&L Roofing, we provide our exceptional quality roof repairs on all types of Corona del Mar roofing systems. We are excellent craftsmen, and carefully match all of our roof repairs to the existing roof material type and design layout. Our goal as a roof repair company is to make our clients' roofs last for as long as possible, and we perform all of our roof repairs keeping that vision in mind. Exposure to the elements takes its toll on all types of roofing systems over time, and roof problems which develop must be addressed in their early stages to prevent further roof damage. Another cause of roof problems is improper roof design, which can often be corrected in whole or in part by performing roof repairs, alleviating many potential roof problems in the process.

Roof Flashing Repair & Replacement Provider for Corona del Mar Homeowners

Often, residential roof problems can be traced to improperly designed roof flashings at key roof areas. The purpose of roof flashings is to serve as a watertight barrier at roof transitions and around roof penetrations. Many roof problems occur because of insufficient or improperly installed flashing in roof valleys and crickets, at roof to parapet and roof to wall transitions, and around roof penetrations. This is why it is so important to have your roof inspected regularly so problems such as these can be identified and repaired before roof problems are given the opportunity to develop.

Provider of Roof Maintenance & Cleaning Services for Corona del Mar Roof Systems

With over 25 years in the residential roofing industry, S&L Roofing possesses the knowledge and experience required to perform expert roof maintenance services for Corona del Mar homeowners. Routine roof maintenance is the best way to prevent roof problems, and the need for major roof repairs. At S&L Roofing, we can recommend a maintenance program specifically tailored to your roof's needs, as well as to your budget. Don't wait until troublesome roof issues develop. Call us today.

Power Washing, Roof Drain, & Rain Gutter Cleaning for Corona del Mar Roofs

Debris buildup in roof drainage areas such as roof transitions like roof crickets and roof valleys can lead to the development of roof leaks. This debris inhibits proper roof drainage from these areas, because it causes little "dams" to form on the roof which block water runoff. Blocked roof drains and rain gutters filled with debris also impede roof drainage during rainy weather, compounding the potential for roof damage. At S&L Roofing, our comprehensive roof cleaning services will free your Corona del Mar roof of all debris, and ensure that it can drain properly in stormy weather.

Roof Inspections for All Types of Corona del Mar Roofing Systems

Look no further than S&L Roofing for a comprehensive roof inspection. Are you worried about the condition of your Corona del Mar home's roofing system? Put your mind at ease with our affordable roof inspection. Our comprehensive roof inspections are an excellent way to identify roof issues before they can become larger problems. In the course of our roof inspections, we:

Then, we recommend our affordable roof maintenance, roof repair, and roof cleaning services as needed to resolve any troublesome roof issues we identify during the course of our comprehensive roof inspection, and we include the fee for our inspection service in the price of our free roof repair estimate. Call us today in Corona del Mar.

Professional Roof Tune-Ups for Corona del Mar Roofing Systems

During our affordable Roof Tune-Ups, our skilled roofing professionals identify roof issues at your Corona del Mar home, and then perform maintenance and repair services to remediate these problems. We:

For further information about how our affordable Tune-Ups can improve your Corona del Mar home roof's function and promote maximum roof lifespan, call us today.

Contact Corona del Mar's Leading Roof Maintenance & Repair Experts Today.

Contact the roof maintenance and repair specialists at S&L Roofing today. We service Corona del Mar and all of South Orange County, and have over 25 years of experience in the residential roofing industry.

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Owner Leo was on time and thoroughly explained my leakage problem including sharing smart phone photos so I didn't have to climb on to the roof myself. Leo and his helper, Rudy, did some extra things at potential leakage points for a minimal additional cost. The overall rate was very competitive. I received a one-year guarantee, although the proof of the pudding will be when the wet season arrives.

Bartley H.
Trabuco Canyon, CA
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